How To Make Money on YouTube as an Affiliate Marketer: 4 Step Formula (2018 and beyond)

This strategy consists of 2 very powerful methods. Video marketing & email marketing.

As digital marketing evolves, we continue to see trends favoring videos! Now a day more than 87% of online marketers use video content as their marketing strategy.

And as for email marketing, it is reported that for every dollar you spent on email marketing, you will get an average of $44-dollar ROI, that is return on investment. So, here is the strategy that you can use right now to make money on youtube as an affiliate marketer.

1. Choose a niche market.

Choose a niche market & create a YouTube channel around this.. For example, Weight loss in a market, Then niche it down to Weight loss for women ==> Then Weight loss after pregnancy.

Once your channel become authority about weight loss after pregnancy then you can go for more broader market. In our case Weight Loss.

2. Create Initial Videos.

Create at least 10 – 15 very high-quality informative videos. Make these videos short like 8 – 10 minutes. And over time add more of these videos. At the end of each video promote your opt-in page.

3. Build Email List.

At the end of each video, send your viewers to a squeeze page, where you can collect their email address.

Offer them some kind of free report that they can consume within 5 – 10 minutes. Offer them some kind of meal plan, resource guide whatever. Also make this report congruent to your affiliate offer. For example, if your affiliate offer is about Yoga, make your free report about yoga.

So, after they opt-in, thank them on the next page & redirect to your affiliate offer.

Autoresponder is the service that will take care of these once you set that up. And at the same time these email address will be saved in that autoresponder.

So, in this case I will recommend 2 tools,

  • Leadpages.Net – For creating opt-in page
  • Getresponder.Com – For Autoresponder

4. Keep your promise.

After they opt-in to your list, give them access to your free report via email.

Over time you will build a huge email list of people who are interested in your market. So, when you upload new videos, or want to promote another affiliate offer, you send an email to your list. And basically print money on demand.

This is super simple strategy.

So, as you can see, this is super simple strategy. You just need o create informative videos & send that traffic to a opt-in page, where you can collect email address. And send them emails about your niche & sometimes promote affiliate offers to them.

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